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Why Solar?
  • Limitless supply of power (daylight hours)
  • Reduce fossil fuel consumption
  • Reduce environmental impact of fossil fuels
  • 70% of power produced is lost during transmission from centralized power generating facilities
Solar Basics

What is a Solar Electricity System?

  • Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels capture the energy of the sun
  • Produce DC current electricity
  • Inverters, convert DC power to AC power for commercial usage
  • Commercial solar systems can be installed on roof tops or as ground based systems
Brolley Electrical
Brolley Electrical is a full-service electrical contracting company providing turnkey solutions to clients in the industrial, commercial, and residential markets. We are licensed Master Electrical Contractors and fully insured. Brolley Electrical is a certified state of NJ approved : DPMC, Public Works, Casino Service, SCC, NJ & US Approved Apprentice and Training, Signatory Local 351 IBEW Contractor. At Brolley Electrical, we strive to be a value-added partner for our clients; from education to design, installation and service. Brolley Electrical has serviced the Tri-State Area with an emphasis on service and craftsmanship since 1987. Our experienced union IBEW staff has the expertise, and training to get the job done right, the first time. We utilize only the finest tools, and industry standard materials available. From large scale municipal projects to residential solar installations, Brolley Electrical is the partner of choice.

Significant Completed Projects:

  • Gloucester County Family Courthouse Building- Woodbury ,NJ
  • Cooper Street Free Parking Garage- Woodbury, NJ
  • Gloucester County Justice Complex ( Detention PLC Locking Controls) - Woodbury, NJ
  • Woodbury Senior Housing Project s (Manor & Colonial House) - Woodbury, NJ
  • Rowan University College of Education Building- Glassboro, NJ
  • Lockheed Martin – DITC Building- Moorestown, NJ
  • Lockheed Martin- Fellowship Rd Build- Mt Laurel, NJ
  • Comcast IP Services Building- Mt. Laurel, NJ
  • Comcast IP Services Building – (West Park Dr.) Mt. Laurel, NJ
  • St Joseph University ( Science Center) Fit-out - Phila, PA
  • Camden County Fire Training Academy - Blackwood, NJ
  • Gloucester Township Senior Housing ( Phase 1) - Blackwood , NJ
Economic Value Drivers
  • Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) Revenue 40%
  • Electricity Production (reduced consumption) 20%
  • NJ State incentive programs 20%
  • Federal solar incentive programs 20%
  • Only produce power during daylight
  • Current PV systems require a good deal of surface area to produce meaningful output
  • System output impacted by sun exposure (direction and shading)
  • Government / Utility limitations
Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC)
  • Power generators are required by the State of NJ to produce or purchase clean energy up to 20% of production capacity by 2020 based on current guidelines
  • SREC certificates are given for each mWh of solar electricity produced
  • SREC certificates are traded on the open market in NJ
  • The average trading price per SREC certificate in 2009 was $500, with a total of $50million in aggregate value traded in 2009
Electricity Production
  • Electricity produced by your Solar system will directly reduce your electrical expense
  • Solar systems are intended to supplement your current grid based electric supply, not eliminate
  • Peak demand charges and rates are typically during peak solar production periods (daytime)
  • Electricity rates are currently projected to increase in excess of 5% per year
New Jersey Incentive Programs
New Jersey has the highest state solar growth rate and is considered to have the most attractive state incentive programs
– State rebates based on system size and output
  • Formulaic
  • Require funds to be reserved PRIOR to system installation
  • State inspection upon completion of installation
  • Rebate $’s paid when system is operational
– Additional system requirements (warranty, installation guidelines, etc.)
– Limited annual budget (getting smaller) approved $20mm for 2010
Fedral Incentive Programs
– 30% Federal Income Tax Credit
– Accelerated depreciation
  • 5 year straight-line depreciation for full system cost
    –System life of 20 to 30 years

– Please consult your tax professional
– Anticipate SREC market to move from a state market to a regional and national program

*Business Solar Investment Tax Credit (IR code 48)
*Residential Solar Investment Tax Credit (IR Code 25D)

Next Steps
  • Design a PV solar system specific to client needs
  • Analyze historical electrical usage
  • Assess site conditions
  • Provide estimate
  • File required documentation
  • Receive state rebate approval
  • Brolley Electrical installs system

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